Trike 43

Trike 43
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Can you believe that Trike magazine is now 10 years old? Well, we are! When we started Trike magazine back in 2007, no none was sure there'd be a readership for all things three-wheeled. But we were stunned by the response, and Trike magazine has gone from strength to strength ever since.

And in Issue 43 we celebrate our first decade on the planet by bringing you the highlights from our back catalogue of amazing trike features over the last 10 years. 

It's not all about looking back, though. Bang up to date is the latest selection of new trikes. We ride the UK’s first Tilting Motor Works leaning Harley-Davidson trike (with two front wheels). Then there's an amphibious three-wheeler that's half-jetski, half-trike and a whole lot of fun. Plus we have two sensational big Yamahas - a beaut of an exile-style FJ1200 from deepest Cornwall and an evil 'bat bike' XV1800 that really lives up to its ‘Dark Lord’ billing.

Add in some great summer show action, with full reports from NABBED 26, Trikefest 2017 and Farmyard Party, and we're really on a roll. Come and celebrate our 10th birthday with us!