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Trike 37
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OK, so we have a few features in Trike that are screaming one theme in this Spring 2016 issue. That’s performance handling.

It’s often said that trikes don’t handle. In fact, they just handle in a different kind of way. Yes, we’ve all tried trikes that feel less than completely secure, but with proper engineering, trikes can be made to handle superbly.

Several trikes in this issue demonstrate that in full measure. We have two fast road trikes in the form of Simeon Hill’s Kawakaki ZZR (page 12), and an R6-based beast from Hyper Trikes (page 18). And as Mal from Hyper Trikes comments on page 62, it’s possible to drift a well set-up trike at 70mph!

The other great-handling trike is Polaris’s new Slingshot, tested in UK spec this issue. It feels edgy, yes, but learn its ways and it will show a clean tail to almost anything on the road. Find out why it’s such a handling revelation on page 24.

-Chris Rees