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I was thinking what to write here this month, and one thing kept coming back to me.

It’s the letter we received from a reader in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. You can read about Anderson Fernandes’ story in Trikespotting on page 58, but it’s truly an inspiration to me.
Here’s a man who’s been a wheelchair-bound paraplegic since a 2007 motorbike accident, who suddenly decided last year he could make himself a trike and get back in the saddle. Which he then proceeded to do, from his wheelchair!

This is the sort of positive spirit we see reflected in the work of NABD in the UK, keeping so many bikers on the road – as proved yet again in our You’ve Been Nabbed event report on page 48. Please, please do support NABD in all its excellent work, and I look forward to a full NABD calendar of events in 2016.

-Chris Rees