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So are you a helmet-on or helmet-off type of triker?

I ask the question because BRP recently got in touch with me after our Can-Am Spyder feature in Issue 30, to say they always advise that you should wear a helmet while riding the Spyder. Next thing I hear is Harley-Davidson informing me that its insurance policy requires that a helmet be worn.

Of course, the law allows you to ride a trike without a helmet. It’s your choice. On photo shoots, I’d say riders are split roughly 50/50 on whether they wear a helmet or not for our pics.

Personally I wouldn’t even consider riding a trike without a helmet on the motorway, but on low-speed jaunts in the sunshine, the joy of riding bare-headed is hard to resist – just another of the joys of riding on three wheels. Which camp do you fall into?

-Chris Rees