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Trike 30
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Are trikes going mainstream all of a sudden?

You might very well think so after seeing a couple of recent pieces in the media.

The first was the surprising sight of David Tenant – yes, the ex-ex Doctor Who – behind the handlebars of a trike. Google it and you’ll see him piloting (or more accurately, green-screening) a red trike in the latest Virgin Media advert. You’ve got to check out the CGI long-wheelbase trike in the ad, too!

And then, trikes got a mention on Chris Evans’ Radio 2 breakfast show. It’s not a programme I usually listen to but the BBC got in touch with me to make a comment on trikes, so that’s how I know!

But trikes becoming mainstream? Never. That’s part of what makes triking so much fun – you’re pretty much unique on every journey you undertake.

One flip through the amazing selection of machinery in this issue should convince you that most three-wheelers are barking nuts! As if you didn’t know already…

-Chris Rees