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Well, hello from your new editor.

Yes, Trike magazine has a new face in the front of it. And I apologise now for how it looks, but hey, that’s just how it came out.

So who the hell is this new editor, then? Well, I’ve just spent the last year writing and publishing an encyclopaedia all about three-wheelers and trikes, called Three-Wheelers A-Z. You can read what 100% Biker editor, Blue, thinks of it on page 10, but from my point of view it’s the culmination of a life-long passion for three-wheeled vehicles, which I’ve had ever since I was a knee-high I-Spy book reader. I’ve owned quite a few three-wheeled vehicles in my time, starting with a Bond Bug as my first ever motorised transport at the age of 17.

What better way to follow the publication of that Three-Wheelers A-Z book than to become editor of the world’s best magazine about trikes? I’m very much looking forward to meeting many more people in the triking community and to bringing you the very best stories about vehicles with three wheels. Can’t wait!

-Chris Rees