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So that was 2013 then; the year, it felt like, the sun finally came out…

Yes, I know we’ve had summer sunshine in previous years too, but those lazy hazy days seem so long ago that they feel almost fictional. The last few summers have been wet, damn wet, and so 2013 was pretty much bliss for those of us on three (and two) wheels.

No, it really was; looking back now from December, when it’s dark at 4pm, the roads are covered in slippery leaves, and every plastic pub and shop is blasting out godawful Christmas tunes that make going postal seem like an attractive option, the heat and the dust of the summer feels almost like a dream.

Yeah, so 2013 was the year the recession really hit, despite what the powers-that-be may have said; just about every bike event was down on numbers and, sadly, the Bulldog Bash was cancelled (it’s back next year though—huzzah!), but you have to take the highs with the lows, don’t you? You can forgive and forget almost anything, can’t you, when you’re riding along, helmetless, jacketless, the sun on your face and the wind in your hair (or whistling round yer ears if you’ve a shaved head)?

And, weather forecasters say, we’re going to get more of the same; they say that with the advent of global warning, we in the UK are going to get warmer, wetter winters and longer, hotter summers. Bring it on, I say!