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Trike 27
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A summer! A summer! We finally had a summer!

And wasn’t it great? Finally, after what felt like a lifetime spent splashing through puddles, trying to ensure that water doesn’t get into electrics and fruitlessly searching for clothing that’s 100% waterproof, we had week after week after week of sunshine and soaring temperatures; ideal trike riding weather. Yep, I don’t know about you, but this year I’ve spent more time out and about on my trike than I have done in what feels like ages; helmetless, a huge grin plastered all over me fizzog, bliss!

And, judging from the numbers of trikes I’ve seen out and about this summer, you lot have been making the best of the good weather too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many three-wheeled motorcycular conveyances pottering, growling and hooning along the streets of this sceptred isle as I have this year. I mean, trikes have been an ever-increasing sight on our roads for the last few years, I know, but 2013 and the sunshine seems to caused a record crop to bloom.

Okay, so a few short weeks the weather’ll turn and the beginning of October will bring about the advent of winter but that, at the time of writing, is six weeks away and the immediate forecast for the weekend is for more sunshine and only a Lottery winner’s chance of rain. Me, I’m off to check me chain adjustment and me oil level—see you on the road!