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Trike 25
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So, Happy New Year and welcome to 2013!

The big news this issue is about the new motorcycle test (the 3rd European Directive) and, of course, trikes.

The new laws are now out and they work like this: as of January 19 trikes become part of the motorcycle licence category, although for people with existing full car licences nothing changes as new licencing rules cannot be backdated. The old B1 category of the licence is to be scrapped, but the DVLA have said that people who hold a current (issued prior to 2013) provisional licence which states B or B1 have ‘grandfather rights’ on their provisional status for the duration of that licence (which, unless you still have an old paper licence, is until it runs out at the end of its ten-year life).

What it means now, basically, is that if you don’t hold a full car or motorcycle licence prior to January 19 you’ll have to pass a motorcycle test, on a solo motorcycle, before you can ride a trike. From now on, just passing your car test no longer automatically entitles you to ride a trike.

There are exceptions for disabled folk, of course, largely thanks to the efforts of Rick Hulse and the NABD, and they will be allowed to take a test on a trike, but that test will only allow them to ride a trike and nothing more. It won’t entitle them to ride a bike or drive a car. Actually, the rules concerning disabled riders are a little more complicated than I have room to go into here, so I would advise you to contact the NABD on 0844 415 4849 or via if you think they will affect you.

There, that wasn’t too complicated, was it? Yeah, I know, I’m fibbing, my head hurts thinking about it too…