Trike 22

Trike 22
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Did you ride out, ride for your rights, on September 25 last year?

Well, 40,000 motorcyclists and trikers did and sent a very strong message to the powers-that-be that we don’t want the proposed European Type Approval Regulations to go through.

In case you don’t remember, the Type Approval Regulations will mean restrictions and regulations to modifying motorcycles (and by extension trikes), despite the fact that there’s no evidence to prove that modified bikes are any less safe than unmodified ones; that all bikes will have to have compulsory ABS fitted (again, despite tests that show that in a lot of cases ABS is more of a hindrance to motorcycle riders than help); and, although not part of the Regulations per se, the fact that the EU Parliament wants ‘warning jackets’ for us all too (again, although there’s no definite evidence for compulsory hi-viz clothing).

The full Parliamentary vote is due to be held on July 3, and so, the MAG National Committee has voted for another day of action to remind those MEPs who aren’t bothering to engage that all of us riders are voters and that politicians are elected to represent our will, and should not impose theirs upon us. The day of action will be June 24 on which there will be 12 massive demos, one in each of the 12 EU Parliamentary constituencies. Start time will be 1pm, just like on September 25 last year.
At the time of writing the start points have yet to be finalised, so keep an eye on the MAG website at, on Facebook at EU Hands Off Biking, or contact your local MAG group. I’m aware that there’s a lot on that day already, but I can’t stress enough how important this is.

Now, due to the fact that the Regulation is repealing/ consolidating over a dozen previous Type Approval directives, we won’t actually be able to get it thrown out in its entirety, but we can concentrate on the anti-tampering clauses, the compulsory ABS and the restriction of aftermarket part sales. And we really need to because if we don’t, motorcycling as we know it will change dramatically and not for the better. Motorcycles and motorcycling are often associated with the ideals of freedom, but these proposals will effectively do away with any concept of freedom as we will be forced to conform into a bland, completely uniform world where all bikes and riders look and are the same. And, I don’t know about you, but that’s a world I really don’t want to live in.