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Familiarity, according to the old saying, breeds contempt. Well, I don’t know that that’s strictly true, because if it was, then none of us would have had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you’re that way inclined…) for very long at all, would we?

No, I think a better saying, especially when it’s related to trikes, is familiarity leads to blaséness. What do I mean by this? Well, t’other day I was fortunate enough to be allowed a quick spin on the esteemed Mr Stephen Taylor Esquire of Taylormade Wheels’ new V-Max trike – a monster of a machine that runs 335 rears and, get this, a 330 FRONT tyre. As I was blatting round the streets of Northwich, enjoying the looks of ‘wot the fcuk?’ on the faces of car drivers and people standing on pavements, it dawned on me, that when we ride around on our trikes, we tend to forget the effect that the sight of a loud, lean and sexy three-wheeler piloted by a helmetless rider has on normal society.

‘Normal’ folk, you see, exist in a kind of a fluffy bubble of their own lives and, desensitised by what they see on the television and read in the papers, it takes something decidedly out of the ordinary to shock, if you will, them out of said fluffy bubble. We’re used to our trikes, and trikes in general really, and we tend to forget that, for most of the denizens of this sceptred/ septic (delete as applicable) isle, the sight of one of us barrelling along the highway is about as far removed from their reality as a spaceship landing in their back garden and a tentacled alien getting out and asking if it can shag their hoover. 

And, do you know, while I’m keen to encourage new folk into riding trikes, I really hope it remains that way. I like being something out of the ordinary when I’m riding my trike, I don’t want to be seen as something commonplace and normal. I don’t necessarily want to inspire fear in folk, as was the wont of earlier outlaw types (although it might stop the feckers pulling out on me…), but I do want them to know that I’m not like them, that I don’t want to conform to the norms of society, that I’m not one of them – I’m me. Know what I mean?

And on that note, I’m off to the pub.

See you next issue!