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So I’m coming away from the Dragon Rally back in February, aboard the borrowed Boom Low-Rider Classic. It’s ridiculously cold and me right hand has done its usual trick of curling up so I’m having to ride the first few miles with no glove on. There’s a café a few miles down the road that I’m aiming for and that’s where I’ll stop for a while to warm up.

As we pull out onto the main road, having negotiated the tiny winding lane barely a few inches wider than the trike, something I’ve not come across before happens. I’m sure most of you lot out there have because, I’m guessing, you ride trikes a lot more than I do – people on bikes perform some, frankly, shockingly dangerous overtaking manoeuvres rather than be ‘stuck behind a trike’.

No, I’m really not kidding – they really were bad. Me an’ her were cringing more than once as bikes passed us on blind bends, when other vehicles were heading towards them, forcing them to brake or the bike to dive in in front of us much too closely, or just far too close to the side of the trike because there really wasn’t room to pass safely. Now, I’ll hold me hand up and say that, as an ex-courier, I’ve done me fair share of ‘close’ overtaking manoeuvres, but that when time was money – not on a Sunday morning when there’s no need for it whatsoever.

And what makes it worse is the fact that once said motorcycles’d passed us, they then went slower than us! Over the hills and through the twisties, I was continually on the brakes as the Low-Rider Classic, with its three fat and grippy tyres, was held up by bike after bike after bike wobbling gingerly over damp pitch repairs and shiny tarmac.

Ferfuxsake, if you’re going to blast past someone, then at least do it and fcuk off – don’t then hold them up! Bunch o’ nancies – you ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves …